Timeless Pints Announces 100th Batch Beer

Timeless Pints Announces 100th Batch Beer

During our first anniversary bash on August 16th, 2014 Chris brewed three special, limited release beers: a Vanilla Cream Ale, a Huckleberry Wheat Ale and a Whiskey Barrel Oak Infused Porter.He brewed 10 gallons of each beer and we were shocked at how fast they went! Each was sold out in less than thirty minutes, showing us just how much the crowd loved all three beers. Still, one of the three out shined the rest….

“The porter was a big hit at our anniversary party,” Chris said. “Almost a year later, I still have people asking when I’m going to bring it on tap.”

It was pretty clear that our customers, as well as Chris, loved the Whiskey Barrel Oak Infused Porter. With the Belgian Dubbel and the Imperial Stout making their way off tap, it just made sense to add this popular porter to the seasonal tap rotation in the tasting room.

“It was just the right fit for a seasonal beer,” Chris said.

But that’s not the only reason Chris decided to bring back the porter. “I knew I was getting close to brewing my 100th batch of beer,” Chris added. “It’s a big milestone and I wanted to brew something really special to commemorate the event.”

In honor of Timeless Pints’ 100th batch, Chris has named the beer the “Centum Porter.” (Centum is the Italian word for 100.) The dark ale has an ABV of 6.9% and is infused with oak chips from used bourbon barrels which were added during the fermentation process.

“Barrel aged beers are huge now,” Chris explained. “We are not yet barrel aging any of our beers so instead of putting the beer in the barrel, we put the barrel in the beer, so to speak. We are excited to add the Centum Porter to the Timeless Pints tap rotation.”

As with most of the seasonal release beers, Chris is brewing a five barrel batch. He’s not sure when he will brew it again but we know it will be back sometime in the future. Who knows… He may even put it in an oak barrel and age it for a special event.

“The complexities infused in the barrel aging process are just something most craft beer lovers appreciate,” Chris said.

During the anniversary party, we served about 120 10 ounce glasses. If you did not get to try it during the event, we hope you will take advantage of this new seasonal batch and join us for a pint! After all, who knows how long it will last…

The Centum Porter will be released on Saturday, May 2nd. To celebrate, we’ll be offering $1 off pints of the Centum Porter all day.


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