About Us

About Us


Father’s Day, several years ago, my son and I purchased a home brewing kit for my husband. As an Engineer and a lover of craft beer, he was excited to experiment with his own concoctions. Since his first trial run, he’s produced multiple varieties of stouts, ales, lagers and IPA’s as well as very happy friends, family and neighbors. His love for the unique keeps him constantly in search of “new and different” ingredients and the hope of a perfect combination.

One hot July evening, some friends disclosed they were embarking on a new restaurant idea. They asked Chris (my husband) if he would brew the beer specifically for their new endeavor. The ABC frowns on beer sold without the proper licensing and selling from the kitchen counter is not a viable option. Thus a new venture began.

What was once a dream is now a reality and we can now bring our own craft beer to our local Lakewood/Long Beach community. You’ll find us just behind the Long Beach Airport.

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